Tuesday, February 24, 2015

One Awesome Lesson That Rocked My Results!

Have you ever gotten distracted by something so little?  Maybe it was a funny Facebook photo or a compelling YouTube video?  Did it take you off on a tangent that lasted 5 minutes, then 10, then an hour?  Only to come back wondering where you were?

You're not alone.

I remember being so frustrated with the amount of time I would lose, I thought to myself:

"If I don't change something, I won't survive as a business owner."

This meant not providing for my family, this meant no bright futures or vacations we were planning as a family, and believe me I was motivated!  It would also affect some performance incentives and I would feel the consequences hard, and have to account to my wife for why we couldn't buy certain items we were looking forward to... not a fun conversation.

So while I was listening to a Higher Laws Coaching Call, I remember Brandon Broadwater was sharing about the importance of a principle, so critical, only winners and the highest performance individuals on earth understand this to a tee.  It's called "State" or a person's emotional condition, you can feel defeated and blaming the world, or ready to rock the day and enjoy the juice out of life.

Brandon described how in life we go through periods of opposition, similar to a gauntlet (the traditional definition being: "a double file of persons facing each other and armed with clubs or other weapons with which to strike at an individual who is made to run between them" - ouch!).  The gauntlet of life hurts, and sometimes not of our choosing, but when we get hit how do we respond after being clubbed in the face? 

When I was focused on my computer and I could hear children screaming and crying, or when my one headphone ear piece stopped working in the middle of my workday, or when I got floods of emails and text messages, this one lesson gave me the power to press forward and hit my goals.

What was it?

It was this:

"If I don't MANAGE my STATE, my Circumstances will."

I realized that I was giving my power of choice to my circumstances.  I was giving the control of how I felt to the people or events around me.  Though they definitely influenced me, and it still impacted me, it was crystal clear to me, that I could respond with a different choice.

If there was news about war in Ukraine, I could choose to send a text of admiration to a friend

If my children broke another drinking glass, I could read them one of their favorite stories

If I was feeling like the left over food scraps in a high-speed garbarator, I could ask a friend for help, and literally say, "Hey man, I'm having a really rough day, could you listen for a couple minutes?"

I decided I wasn't going to allow trivial, temporary circumstances to determine my destiny.  And in that day alone, I tripled my work output that I had originally planned, and was emotionally available for my wife and kids when they needed me.

I know that each of us has the power to manage our States if we simple desire it.  State is one of those four primary laws I learned at the Answer To Everything 3 Day event seminar on which prosperity lies on the balance.  I will always hold it as a priority to success for those things closest to my heart - dear relationships, my integrity, and my capacity.

What's one thing you do to awesomely manage your emotional state?  Please share your comments, I love to learn from you.

Thanks Brandon!

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  1. This is an incredible lesson Rory!

    "If I don't MANAGE my STATE, my Circumstances will."

    How true it is. A constant opportunity every hour of every day. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Absolutely Kyle, doesn't it feel awesome to know we can take back full control no matter what circumstances are howling?! Love it. Thank you for commenting :-)

  2. Fantastic blog post Rory. I love how you set it out, it was very easy to follow, and I love how you shared the one lesson that you learned that made all the difference. You rocked it right out of the park! Thanks for sharing! You have inspired me to get my Higher Laws blog up and running. Thank you for that!

  3. Just wanted to add... Boy do you write well Rory. I enjoyed it so much I read it a second time. :-)

  4. Thank you Janice!! I'm excited to see your blog soon - there's more great stuff to come :-D - I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. It shows that you take the time with the little things to care and show it :-)

  5. Good Stuff Rory! I love how you tie the importance of State, not only on a personal level but how it dramatically affects those closest to you! Which ties directly into service:)