Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why Forgetting Is Your Best Reminder To Success

Have you ever forgot something so little that it hinged a result?  Like, maybe it was forgetting to set the alarm clark only to wake up two laters than intended?  Or turn off the lights in your car to turn the ignition and joyfully discover a dead battery?  Or calendar an appointment with someone from 2 weeks ago, only to look at your phone and discover the words "Where are you"?

One of my friends who was a car mechanic, told me a wild story of a young newly employed tire jockey, responsible for loosening and tightening tire lug nuts.  The job was simple:  loosen the tires, retighten them after maintenance.  Though equipped with an expensive high-powered drill, someone in the garage shouted something to him mid-job, where he momentarily lost focus, forgot the lug nuts on one tire, and being pressured for time, rushed over to the next one, without inspecting.  Though the one car wheel had the outward appearance of being bolted on, all four lug nuts on one tire were loose!

As the customer with receipt in hand, expecting high-performance service, began to drive their car down the road.  As the car gained momentum, the driver noticed a difference as he turned the wheel, with the car wobbling back and forth, the car nose dropped.  The front left side of the vehicle *CREEEEEEKKKK*-ing metal along road, sparks flying, and the lost control - confused, frightened, shocked all at once.

I can relate to the young tire jockey.

I remember when finances for my little family were intensely tight, I told myself in a moment, "I'll work really really hard, and then when I've made loads of money, then, I'll enjoy time with my family."

Sounds ridiculous right?  But I was so motivated by the pain of not having money, that I thought focusing on the money would give me time.

I believed this so much I forgot to make time for the most meaningful people in my life.  Things gradually changed from okay to worse.  I felt like roommates with my wife, I shuddered to look at my bank account, and the menial daily tasks became a drudgery.  It was brutal.  I needed help was hungry for answers.

After doing one thing, that I learned at an event, everything began to shift.  Not only did things shift financially I was happier, my wife felt loved, and I experienced tender moments with my baby daughter smiling.  Business opportunities improved and I actually became a sales leader and eventually landed a dream job position!  Things became easier and life a lot more simpler.  I remember saying to myself, "I know exactly what I need to do to make things right!"  The money came, I felt a refreshed energy of love in my relationships, and most important, I was happy.

What made the difference?

My lesson was this quote,

"Most people don't have time management problems, they have priority or state management problems." - Brandon Broadwater

When I heard it, I knew it, but I had forgotten.  And having forgotten and experienced tremendous pain, motivated me to remember.  I refocused on my relationship priorities and taking care of me and the magic unfolded.

But then I asked: How could I replicate this recovery of having forgotten something to predictable results?

One of my friends asked me a profound question when I shared with her a goal I wanted to achieve.  She didn't know it, but it would change the course with my entire life.  The most painful parts of my life didn't need to be repeated, and I could continually improve and build upon that improvement without forgetting it.  It's made me thousands of dollars, built invaluable relationships, and most important, I feel like it's helping me live my dreams:

"What's your plan to remember Rory?"

I wanted to leverage those moments when I forgot into a process that would not only help me remember but take action so that I could enjoy repeated, replictable results!  If I could be predictably strong in an area of weakness, would I not invest a few minutes for a lifetime of results!?

The Process is 4 simple and effectively easy points:

1) Remember - How can I make this goal, dream, or result easy to remember?  How can I almost trip over it so it's impossible to forget?

2) Prioritizing - Why do I deeply want this?  What am I going to do to prioritize it?  How will I prioritize it?

3) Plan/Process - What is my road map to get to this goal?  What does each step look like to achieve it?  What tools do I need?  Who can I ask for help?

4) Execute - What is my first action step?  When will I execute it?  Who can I ask to help me stay accountable to it?

What would life look like if you could remember the things that matter most and achieved them?

What would life look like if you were cleary confident with your dreams each day?

How would that feel?

I promise the investment of time will allow you to take all the forgetful moments and transform them into opportunities to serve yourself and those you most care about, whether family, customers, friends, or your dreams.

Good luck with the next step!

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  1. This is awesome Rory, I love the question, "How can I almost trip over it so it's impossible to forget?". I know I've forgotten my goals only to realize I've missed targets. Thanks for sharing this incredible lesson.

  2. Thanks Rory for this post. This evening I was able to really take in what you've shared. Similar to Devan I really LOVE the questions you have engineered to create the ability to remember -- and for it to be so simple.

    There is gold in here my friend... and those 4 points as I think about them are often the exact spirit in which I walk people through as I talk with them one on one, in coaching situations, etc.

    Who can I ask for help is my personal favorite. That's one that would have saved me a lot of time and energy, had I been more actively seeking help in my earlier years as an entrepreneur! Oh my gosh... pretty sure that didn't even cross my mind... the "do it myself Albertan" was very much in drive... I have to watch out for that guy!