Friday, April 29, 2016

With Every Ending Comes a New Beginning

Dear Higher Laws Family,

I love you guys so much.  You've been an incredible family to be with, and will always be.  I do care about each of you.  

I want to clearly let everyone know that I'll be transitioning out of Higher Laws after the Master Your Power Within event in June (i.e. I will no longer be working directly with Higher Laws).  This by no means has been an easy decision.  Everyone on the team are my best friends.  And like Brandon has said, "We share a special bond from the principles that bind us together."

Brandon and I are parting still as the best of friends and with tremendous support for each other.  He's been a real valiant friend, patient with my weaknesses, and willing to get back up fast when he's made mistakes too.  I'll always cherish my time with Him and I'm excited for the bright future of what Higher Laws will become.    

Long story short, as I was studying, I received inspiration from my Creator, He's told me it's time to begin a new path to continue become even more of the Lion He wants me to be.  Higher Laws is and will always continue to help me become a Lion, and I'm confident my Creator will open a door that will fulfill His promise of my growth and progression.  I trust this inspiration to transition from Higher Laws.  I carry a feeling of peace that gives me confidence that this decision is with "no regrets."

However you might be responding to this, please be aware that my decision is very intentional and I am at peace with this decision.  I am excited for a new journey to begin.

I'll still be coming to the events!  I'll most likely either show up in Calgary or Edmonton, but even if you don't see me, I promise I'll always keep my crazy dance moves alive, R-Hawk will still live on :-) - and I'll post those dance moves on Facebook every now and then  ;-).

I honestly have nothing clearly that I'm transitioning to right now, but I trust that the stepping stone my Creator wants me to step on will appear, as long as I'm putting in the belief and the effort.  Everything will work out.  

Thank you for the inspiration each of you have been to me in living these principles and being a friend.  Your example inspires me.  I feel motivated to step it up and keep striving for valiance.

I love each of you, I can picture some of your faces right now, and I feel a warmth and bond with each of you.  Thank you for choosing to step into your Lion.  I am uplifted from your striving too.

The most important thing is that wherever we connect or see each other again, my hope is that we'll all still be striving valiantly to Be Lion's, Live Like Lions, and uplifting those who need our light.  I've committed to myself that "I will" do that.  

If you want to connect with me, just send me a message on Facebook or email me at, I'll be happy to keep in touch with all of you.

Lots of love for each one of you,

Rory :-)

Brandon and I just before we went skydiving
Lol, we both thought at 14,000 ft, "We didn't buy insurance for this!!"

Higher Laws Family at U303 St. George, Utah April 2016

Love you guys!!!

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